Favorite Links

BEST: Brain Education Strategies Technology

Excellent spot for information and tools after brain injury. Webinars and more.

Panel Discussion on Brain Injury and Mental Illness

This video, Finding Your Path: Brain Injury and Mental Health, was sponsored by the NW Brain Injury Symposium in 2019.

TruTone Artificial Larynx Demonstration

Here, Dr. Brian Shute, Speech-Language Pathologist, demonstrates to the Seattle Laryngectomee Club how to sing with a TruTone artificial larynx. This modified rendition of Old MacDonald demonstrates upward and downward pitch variations using the device. This circa 1997 video was transferred from VHS.

TruTone Artificial Larynx Demonstration

This is Bo Mayo who is demonstrating the use of a TruTone artificial larynx. Bo is a skilled alaryngeal speaker with this device. Note the upward and downward infection as he recites, Mary Had A Little Lamb. With device adjustments, training, and practice, many users of this device demonstrate excellent speech. Small button pressure using the thumb alters the pitch. This video was recorded in Spokane, Washington by Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC