Newman Bluffs Soaps

Newman Bluffs soaps are all-natural, gentle, and contain no synthetic fragrances or colorants. As such they are easy on the nose and airway. They contain olive oil, shea butter and Inland Northwest honey for their emollient qualities. Formulated with healthful, organically grown herbs. Long lasting and rinse off clean. Other than honey, cow or goat milk in some varieties, no animal byproducts such as tallow, suet, or lard are used. 120 gram bars.

Newman Bluffs Soaps can be ordered by calling (509) 448-5970

Lavender Oat Zeal Soap™

A gentle bar with relaxing organic lavender flowers and exfoliating oat powder.

Old Bulldog Soap™

This soap bar is big and bad, yet reverent and gentle. Bright with notes of clove and cinnamon and in the tradition of the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Milk Mint Moo (cow) Soap™

A wonderful bar with mint essence, cooling, and the smoothing qualities of Inland NW Honey, farm grown Apple Mint, and cow’s milk.

Spicy Goat Milk Soap™

Formulated with goat’s milk, honey, and essential spice oils. Gentle, spicy, and lovely to use.

Anise Clove Soap™

A nicely fragrant bar that will make you feel clean and fresh.

Lemon Zinger Soap™

Gently fragrant and stunning in the shower. Made with farm grown Lemon Verbena for a rich, spicy bar of soap.

Seasonal Soap™

Currently the Seasonal Soaps are Carroteen™ and Ylang-Ylang. The Carroteen contains carrot and tea tree oil; Our customers report that it is good for acne; the Ylang-Ylang contains true Ylang oil from this sweet, yellow flower from the rainforest.